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Initially launched in December 2018 and increased in July 2019, the Future High Streets Fund (FHSF) is a £1b Government fund to help regenerate 150 town centres across the country as attractive places to live and work and respond to the shrinking demand for retail space. The fund should be used to deliver “transformational and structural changes… and diversify town centre uses away from retail”.

Initial small grants were given to local councils to work with partners to develop a business case for one town in their area which had a retail vacancy rate higher than the English average. Over 300 submissions were received and, from these, ~50 were selected (view full list here) and awarded funding to develop full applications to the fund for up to a maximum of £25m capital investment (although £5-10m per town centre was expected).


Application for Buxton

Spring Gardens, Buxton was chosen for the High Peak borough, due New Mills, the only other town centre eligible, had already been awarded a regeneration grant and no further large-scale town centre initiative was identified. At the time of application, Spring Gardens, Buxton (along with The Springs Shopping Centre) had a vacancy rate of 14% which placed the area second-worst in the East Midlands (even prior to recent vacations such as M&S, Santander, H Samuel and Dorothy Perkins/Evans). Furthermore, due to little food or leisure use after 5pm, it becomes an evening ‘dead zone’. Along with high numbers of charity and discount stores, it therefore appears as a low quality offer.

In July 2019, Buxton was chosen as one of first 50 towns and received £134,500 to develop detailed proposals and a business case for funding.

Proposals were developed by High Peak Borough Council (HPBC) and a team of consultants including planning and property consultants Lambert Smith Hampton, masterplanners e*SCAPE Urbanists, and transport consultants Pell Frischmann, along with input from key town stakeholders and community partners who make up the Buxton Visitor Economy Strategy (VES) & Town Centre Board (including Vision Buxton), property owners and other interested parties. A public consultation into their ~£10m proposals was launched in February 2020 with revised proposals reviewed and approved prior to submission in June 2020 (delayed from April due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

On Boxing Day 2020, it was announced that 15 towns had received their full request and a further 57, including Buxton, had received a partial “in-principle” offer, representing 69% of their application. 29 applications were rejected.

HPBC then had to revise their proposals to fit the reduced amount (£6,608,223) and resubmit in February 2021. Fundamental changes to the objectives of the approved proposals could not be changed, nor could they change where the money was spent. Community groups, residents, businesses, stakeholders and elected representatives were asked to confirm their priorities.

In May 2021, it was announced that the ~£6.6m application for Buxton had been successful.


Following the announcement of £6.6m funding, HPBC announced it would also invest £4.2m into the project. Read more here.

A delivery board was set up, led by the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council, with members comprising those with a financial investment in the project and representation from a new town stakeholder group who will act as an advisory panel to ensure community voices are heard.

The FHSF grant was to be fully spent by March 2024. Works to deliver the full proposals with other funding could continue until 2027.

The FHS Area

The FHSF ‘area’ includes Spring Gardens and associated carpark and buildings, the railway station forecourt, Station Road, the Quadrant and Hardwick Street.

Key Project Themes

The overall aims were to:

  • provide an attractive centre for local residents to use and enjoy
  • match the appeal and perception of the historic centre of the lower town by improving the offer of the primary shopping zone
  • increase leisure, housing or business use in the town centre
  • bring new customers into the shopping core
  • improve pedestrian links to and from Spring Gardens and the shopping centre
  • improve accessibility and environmental quality
  • balance retail provision/facilities for residents with those aimed at visitors
  • increase start-up and small business growth
  • increase evening leisure, food and drink uses along Spring Gardens


Particular objectives were to:

  • improve pedestrian links to and from Spring Gardens and the railway station
  • increase residential and office use of empty buildings, upper floors and other underused areas
  • improve broadband provision
  • increase electric vehicle charging and cycle hire opportunities
  • improve the poor visual gateway to Buxton (rear view of Spring Gardens buildings)
  • improve wayfinding and signage
  • reduce street clutter and improve seating
  • provide accessible toilets
  • provide pop-up spaces


Improving Retail

FHS funding could not be used on retail but HPBC also secured nearly £1 million of Heritage Action Zone funding which could be used to upgrade shop fronts and repair commercial buildings. Find out more about this project here.

Project Timeline


Mar 2024 – Revitalising Buxton stakeholder group hold first meeting.

Feb 2024 – FHSF project confirmed as ended and all grant money spent with the full project aims to be continued under banner of a ‘Revitalising Buxton’ project.


Sep 2023 – HPBC update Vision Buxton regarding developments, including surveying work.

Feb 2023 – HPBC leaders present to Vision Buxton members regarding the project.

Jan 2023 – HPBC announce purchase of The Springs Shopping Centre. View here.


Nov 2022 – HPBC agree purchase of The Springs Shopping Centre


Jun 2021 – a delivery board is set up

May 2021 – £6.6m funding application successful. HPBC announce it would also invest £4.2m

Feb 2021 – HPBC submit revised application for ~£6.6m


Dec 2020 – Buxton provisionally awarded 69% of application

Jun 2020 – HPBC submit revised application for Buxton

Feb 2020 – public consultation into proposals


Jul 2019 – Buxton shortlisted for full application

Mar 2019 – HPBC submit expression of interest and business case for Buxton


Dec 2018 – FHSF launched

Further Information

HPBC website: Future High Streets Fund for Buxton


Government Website: Future High Streets Fund