Business Address
1 Green Lane, Buxton, SK17 9DS
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Business Phone Number
01298 938080
Contact Name
Jay White, Owner

We are a family-run business established in 2020, after a much-needed career change. We started the business because we couldn't find a decent cheese and onion pie anywhere that wasn't bulked out with either potato or egg. So we decided to make them and then The Manc Chef was born. We started selling at the artisan markets using traditional, family recipes. Our slogan then became "proper pies from the past". So we brought a range of pies and desserts and have now become known for our "massive vanilla slabs" which are more than double the size of a standard slice.

We decided to look at opening a shop to sell our pies to the public and, after taking a look around Buxton, we saw that there was a need for a pie-and-mash shop. So we opened up mid-October 2023 with one extra difference: we offer "beef dripping" roast potatoes, as well as mash.

We wanted to offer a form of appreciation to the residents and visitors of Buxton, so we introduced a loyalty card so, for each visit that you make, we give you a stamp and, once the card is filled, you can choose a free pie or free dessert of your choice.

We want people to experience homemade, handmade pies alongside delicious desserts to follow. We are a takeaway only at the moment but we have placed benches outside the shop for customers to sit and eat their food. We have a range of desserts to offer and, once the weather improves, and we reach the hotter weather, we will be introducing pasties, sausage rolls and a lot more varieties of desserts. So you can sit and enjoy all we offer.

Members' Offer
We are happy to offer 10% off to Vision Buxton members and staff. Proof or membership required (show invoice for current year).

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